Highlighted Current and Past Projects

-In Development 2017-



A New Animated Comedy Project from Film Roman

From todays front page news comes an animated political satire when we need it most. Revamping the world renowned Spitting Image concept for a new Trumpian world, we will produce a weekly, current event focused, non-partisan animated sketch show where every political figure becomes their own caricature.

Film Roman Baja

Uri and Andreas, the founders of Film Roman Baja.


In September 2016, Film Roman entered into a joint venture with a leading Tijuana-based animation facility Boxel Studios to create “Film Roman Baja.” Boxel studios is a professional and experienced Mexican animation studio, specializing in high-end solutions for the visual content creation industry. The studio dates back to the late 90’s and today the team has doubled in size. With that experience, Boxel understand the importance of production values behind every project; therefore, we focus our creative energies on visual and technical quality in each product, with a clear understanding of the industry under highly efficient production process.

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